Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clippie Holders: Made to Match

Good morning everyone! With one of our most recent orders finished, I wanted to share some of our custom made clippie holders. These clippie holders were made to match some lovely rooms and bedding.

{Wren Collection from Serena and Lily}

{Our new XL clippie holder!}

I wanted to use the bright blue that Lindsay has accented sweet Lola's room in. I love the tree on the wall and wanted to incorporate it into the design. Lindsay requested for a larger clippie holder for all of her daughters clippies and bows so I made hers slightly bigger with three ribbons for hanging. The XL Clippie Holder is available for anyone who needs the extra space, it measures 9"x7". Thanks again Lindsay for letting us create something lovely for you! Hope you enjoy!

{Mod Castle Bedding by Boodalee}

For my own sweet Lola, I fell in love with the colors in the Mod Castle bedding. Super girly, yet not babyish. And the castle theme is fun to play with. I can do "princess" stuff without the tulle and sparkle. This clippie holder was easy. Just an image of the modern blocked castle and of course some hand embroidered love.

{Paper Dolls Bedding by Dwell Studio}

The Paper Dolls bedding is super simple and clean. So is baby Pepper's nursery! I didn't want to do anything fussy (Mama Lauren is anti-fussy) and I think the silhouette of the dolls is just adorable. Now, we just need for baby to grow some hair so she can show off all of her fabulous clippies!

Want a clippie holder customized for your little lovely? We'll make you something so adorably cute that it'll never end up hanging in the closet! Check out our website for in stock designs or email us at to start your customized order!

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