Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Case You're Wondering

Many of you, especially our closest friends and family, know that 2 Little Lovelies is a 2 person (mamas being those two people) business. And of course we work from home. I'm trying to imagine it differently, but for now this is how we work...

We try and wake up before our 17 month old (Kat's) and 21 month old (Amber's) get up so we have time in silence to organize our orders and other stuff for the day. If we're not so lucky and our babes get up way before we'd like them to, no silent organizing time for us. Move on to breakfast.

After feeding the kids and hopefully ourselves, it's back to work. Or maybe a shower. Checking emails, talking with clients, coming up with new designs. This is if we don't have play dates, lunches, or errands to run. If that's the case scratch all the above. No work will get done until Daddy comes home or baby goes to sleep.

Needless to say, we have small amounts of free time during the day and not all of it can be spent on work. I mean, I'd like to brush my teeth and shaved legs would be nice. So, when we have everyone demanding an order here and an order there (which we are extremely excited about!), please know this: We do not have hired staff to sit around and sew for us. We do not have unlimited amounts of stock lying around (due to not having hired staff). We are not a manufacturing company cranking out perfect copies of all of our products. We simply are two moms on a mission to create a business of unique and fresh clothing and accessories for little ones. Making one lovely handmade item at a time.

We love what we do and we love everyone who has been behind us from the beginning. Kathryn and I work very hard to create one of a kind, quality items for you to enjoy. And we don't even mind working late into the night (sometimes). Just keep in mind that your order is most likely to be made in a home office/studio strewn with cheerios and sippy cups and not in a Wal-Mart-esque manufacturing plant. Keep the orders coming, we love being busy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Everyone Loves Turkey

We've been getting awesome feedback on our Thanksgiving clippies and headbands! Thanks for all of the love! Here are some handpicked treasuries we've been featured in, enjoy.

Molly's Muses Treasury
Stitchn' Studio Treasury

Saturday, October 16, 2010

400 Fans Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Kari Bonner who entered and won our 400 Fans Giveaway! She has won a custom Mr. Man Lounge Set (includes Mr. Man Tee and coordinating lounge pants) for her little lovely, Matthew! We're working away on your set Kari and can't wait to see a picture of M in it!

Thanks to everyone who entered and keep your eyes peeled... more freebies to come.


Turkey Day!

Just in case you've got the Holidays on your brain like I do, get ready to gobble up these cute Turkey Day accessories! We've got limited edition Turkey Bloom Headbands and Thanksgiving clippies ready for purchase on our website and in our Etsy store. Here's a little peek... go check out the rest!

 {Turkey Bloom Headband in Stuffing}

{The Turkey Clippie}


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Facebook Giveaway

Hello everyone! We just reached 400 fans on Facebook and to celebrate we're having a giveaway! Yay!

To enter: Become a fan of 2LL on FB (if you aren't already) and email us at what your current favorite clippie is. Don't know? Browse our FB photos and pick one out. Easy as that! And you don't want to miss out on a lovely giveaway worth over $50 do you? So, enter now!

We will pick a winner at random and announce it via FB on Friday October 8th. Good luck!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Just testing out our new signature!


Love Dot Com

Woohoo! After months and months of planning and re-planning Kat and I finally got the 2 Little Lovelies website up! Yay! Now you can order your lovelies through a real online website. Shut. Up. We're excited!

We are adding more and more items everyday. So, if you don't see what you're looking for visit our Etsy store until you see your goods on the website. Either way will bring your lovely goodies straight to your door!

So, a new website means keeping lots of stock handy and having new merchandise added often to keep your site fresh, right? Right! We are working round the clock (and in between naps) to stock up on our best sellers and crank out new designs from our design book. Alot of what we do is custom of course, so please don't hesitate to ask for us to make you something! Those are the best orders!

Thank you to everyone for your love and support the past year and a half. It's been a wild ride. A ride neither Kat nor I anticipated but an awesome ride we don't want to get off! An extra special thanks goes to:

Betsy Prieto for her awesome photo taking skills and clippie obsession.

Lauren Ustad for helping us with logo designs, craft shows and product photos. You rock!

Mod Melon for designing our first website!

Our parents Dan and Denisa Allison and John and Susan Wis. I'm sure some of your money went to fund something or another in the last year a half. We love you.

And of course our Prince Charmings, Brad and Mark. Without y'alls 30 year bromance none of this would exist. We love you guys almost as much as you love each other. Seriously, thank you for putting up with felt covered floors, nights and nights of working into the wee hours and being complete cranks the next day (or two), thank you for taking over "mommy duty" when we get slammed, thank you for putting up with our fabric/craft obsessed personalities that we know sometimes drives you crazy, with needs for your opinions on anything and everything that our eyes and brains can't focus on in the midnight hours. Thank you for being our shoulders to lean on and our rocks to stand upon. We love you more than anything.

Madilyn Rae and Lola Dane'e, thank you for being our daily reminder of all things good in life and thank you for being our constant source of inspiration. You are our two little lovelies and Mommy loves you.

Most important, we need to thank the Big Guy Upstairs. Without God, none of our prayers would have been answered. None of our hard work would be appreciated. Through the grace of God all things are possible.

Surprise Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Our Facebook page has almost 400 followers! We're only 8 memembers away from giving out some awesome free goodies! It shouldn't be hard to achieve in the next day or two so here's what you can do. Suggest or share 2LL to all of your friends on Facebook or become a fan yourself to ensure your slot in the giveaway. Easy as that.

We'll select a winner at random and announce it on our blog and FB page in the next few days. You don't want to miss out, last giveaway winner took home a surprise package of 5 clippies and a clippie holder worth over $85!

Share the love!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

People Are Talking

Whoa! Totally wicked. People are falling in love with 2 Little Lovelies! In the past couple of weeks we've had random people blog about our goods. Awesome! That means, YOU guys are helping to spread the love. Thanks! It's great! Here are some of the blogs that have mentioned us recently. Check it out!

Crack the Sky
The Morose Bee
By Your Hands

Cool huh?