Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lovely Felt Clippies

Here are some of the felt clippies I have been working on. They are way cuter and funkier than plain bows! Spice up your little cuties accessories and order some!
ps. They look cute in Mama's hair too!

{sweet cakes}

{e is for ella}

{whooo's in your hair?}

{apple head}

{Our little sleeping lovely modeling the apple head.}


kim ann geraci said...

what do you have for babies with hardly any hair? :)

Amber McGinnis said...

i'm working on some really cute headbands and we have a few ideas for some adorable hats! let me know if lovely laila would like any!

kim ann geraci said...

yay! I honestly hate the headband look, but if you make some cute ones like the clips and some hats I will be a continuous customer. Isn't funny how crafty you get when you have kids...I'm all into quilting and scrapbooking now. ha!

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