Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check Us Out!

Hey everyone! This is mine and Kathryn's new blog! Until we can relocate and lay down roots in the same town, we are blogging about our business. Little Lovelies will be your one stop, custom made shop. Kathryn is spreading the word and her lovely work in Frisco, TX and I am doing the same in Birmingham,AL. Our goal is to eventually move our families (our hubbies go WAY back) to the same town, open a store front and let our little lovelies grow up together. Yay!

Here we will post our latest projects and take custom orders through our personal emails or our business email. If you have an idea and want us to make it for you let us know!

We're so excited to finally have two brains on the same page! We can't wait to share our Little Lovelies with you.


Becca Caney said...

Hi There! My friend Courtney Cox told me about our blog. What a small world... I live in Frisco too! Do yall have a store here or do you just outsource to boutiques? I have some mom friends that would go crazy for your stuff!

Amber McGinnis said...

Thanks Courtney for helping us spread the word!

No storefront yet. We are taking orders through our blog and email. Tell your mom-friends all about us! We'd love to make them something for their little lovelies!

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